On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss Airbus’ plans for the future of the A380, see which European low-cost carrier is no longer operating this week, tow a 747 across a field, and add some Flair to the podcast.

The Future of the A380

Note: we recorded this episode just prior to Airbus’ announcement

We discuss Airbus’ plans for the A380 and what that means for the future of flying.

Ground collisions galore

We unfortunately revisit the topic of airplanes colliding while on the ground. Thankfully no injuries were reported in this latest trifecta of incidents.

Germania files for insolvency

German low-cost carrier Germania filed for insolvency last week, joining the ranks of other European low-cost carriers to cease operations over the past few years.

Go around

With strong winds affecting flights and the folks at Big Jet TV standing by with HD cameras, the world got a great view of quality piloting as a strong downdraft made a go-around for BA276 necessary last week.

Read our in-depth guide to go arounds

We discuss the often-misunderstood procedure and how a quick social media education on the part of a British Airways pilot helped change the conversation.

Adding a bit of Flair to the podcast

Here’s the full promotional video released by Flair.

747 towed around Schiphol to become new hotel attraction

In the latest, airplane-to-attraction conversion, an ex-KLM 747 has been repainted into Corendon livery and transported to a hotel just outside of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

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