On this episode of AvTalk, Indonesia finds the Lion Air 610 cockpit voice recorder, we look at the effects the US government shutdown is having on aviation, and our favorite roof top bar that’s also an airline announces last call.

Lion Air JT610 CVR found

Indonesian officials announced the recovery of the Cockpit Voice Recorder from JT610 nearly 3 months after the crash. We discuss the vital role the CVR will play in the investigation.

US Government shutdown affecting aviation

We look at the effects the US government shutdown is having on aviation in the US and around the world.

Boeing + Embraer joint ventures approved

Brazil gave approval to the Boeing + Embraer joint ventures, bringing the world one step closer to an aircraft manufacturer super-duopoly.

Air France to reabsorb Joon

Air France will end its experiment with the ‘also an airline’ Joon, reabsorbing the sub-carrier into Air France proper. We take a look at why the experiment failed.

2018 orders and deliveries

We dig into the order and delivery numbers from 2018 to see how Airbus and Boeing fared.

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