On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the recent incidents allegedly involving drones, Norwegian ends up with a 737 in Iran, Korean Air takes on overzealous K Pop fans, and one restaurant wants to help flyers with some emotional support chicken.

Droning on

We discuss recent incidents involving and allegedly involving drones in London and Mexico.

Note: this episode was recorded on 19 December when the incident at Gatwick Airport was understood to be a nuisance and not a deliberate attempt to affect operations. We’ll discuss recent developments in a future episode.

Norwegian diverts to Iran

After an issue with an engine, a Norwegian 737 MAX 8 diverted to Shiraz, Iran. Due to recent US sanctions on Iran returning the aircraft to service may be challenging.

Two engines shut down in Australia

A Virgin Australia ATR 72 flying through heavy rain had both engines shut down and automatically restart on 13 December. The ATSB released an incident report and has opened an investigation.

K-Pop predicament for Korean Air

K-Pop fans are buying refundable tickets just to get on board and see their favorite groups for a minute before leaving the plane and requesting a refund.

ANA’s first A380 is painted

ANA and Airbus unveiled the first painted A380 for the airline. Airbus also released a video showing how the aircraft was painted, which is well worth a watch.

Emotional support chicken

The Popeyes chicken restaurant in the Philadelphia airport is now offering its own emotional support for passengers.

Popeyes’ emotional support chicken.
Popeyes’ emotional support chicken. Image courtesy Popeyes

WOW Air restructuring shrinks the fleet further

WOW Air’s planned restructuring will reduce its fleet even further and see long-haul flights to the US cut as well as the recently introduced route to Delhi.

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