On this episode of AvTalk, Jason heads to South Africa, we discuss the crash of Lion Air flight 610, Brandon Buz, senior social media analyst with the Greater Orlando Airport Authority joins us to discuss social media use by airports and the fun conversation that is “Airport Twitter”. And Captain Ken Hoke is back to get SLOP-py.

Lion Air 610

Lion Air 610 crashed shortly after takeoff on 29 October. In the intervening two weeks, attention has focused on possible instrumentation issues affecting the aircraft. We discuss the latest developments, including Boeing’s FCOM bulletin and the subsequent FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive.

See complete Flightradar24 data from Lion Air 610 and the full FAA Airworthiness Directive

Icelandair buys WOW Air

Icelandair will purchase WOW Air in an all stock transaction, consolidating the two Icelandic carriers. We discuss what it means for the two airlines and transatlantic ultra-low cost carriers writ large.

Istanbul’s New Airport opens—sort of

Istanbul’s new airport has opened to limited traffic and all commercial traffic will move over at the end of the year

See the plan for the switch to the new airport in December

Connecting with Airports on Social Media

We talk with Brandon Buz, senior social media analyst for the Greater Orlando Airport Authority about how airports are using social media to improve the passenger experience and just what is #AirportTwitter.

Captain Ken Hoke gets SLOP-y

Captain Ken Hoke returns to the program to fill us in on SLOP and how it helps keep aircraft flying over remote regions safely separated.

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