On this episode of AvTalk, Seth Miller joins us as he and Jason take in the Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Boston. We revisit some of the aviation mistakes made last week and with a Bloomberg report suggesting Emirates could take over Etihad, we try to envision what a merger between the two carriers might look like.

We apologize for the poor audio quality in some portions of this episode. It’s Jason’s fault.

APEX Expo in Boston

Jason and Seth fill us in on the highlights at the APEX Expo in Boston so far, including a network connected overhead bin.

One of Jason’s favorite twitter accounts, referenced during the show

Dorkfest + SpotLAX

Ian recaps Dorkfest and SpotLAX2018 at Los Angeles International Airport last weekend.

Singapore Airlines takes delivery of the first A350ULR

The first Airbus A350ULR for Singapore Airlines has been delivered to the airline ahead of the airline’s resumption of Singapore-Newark service in October. Track the aircraft as 9V-SGA.

Cathay Paciic

A Cathay Pacific 777 needed a bit of corrective work.

‘Cathay Paciic’

The first 777 built heads to Pima

The first 777 ever built (WA001) was sent to Pima Air and Space Museum last week after retiring from service with Cathay Pacific.

Air India A320 prematurely opens new runway in Maldives

An Air India A320 mistakenly landed on the new runway in Maldives before it was officially open.

NTSB board meeting regarding Air Canada incident in San Francisco

The NTSB board met to determine the probable cause of the Air Canada taxiway overflight incident last July in San Francisco.

See the full NTSB docket

What might an Emirates takeover of Etihad look like?

We discuss what a takeover of Etihad by Emirates might actually look like. And it looks complicated.

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