In episode 4, we learn how most airlines navigate their way around North Korea, sit down with Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren to talk about the last US-based 747-200 flight, and learn about tracking aircraft that may be broadcasting the sporting event you’re watching on TV.

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Navigating North Korea

Jumping off from our blog post earlier this month, we talk about how airlines navigate around North Korean airspace and what effect, if any, current tensions might be having on traffic in the region.

An common view of airspace on the Korean Peninsula

The First A321neo Goes Home

Virgin America took delivery of the first Airbus A321neo this week to a muted reception. We talk about the reason for the less-than-normal fanfare and what it means for the A321neo’s future with the airline.

The first Airbus A321neo delivered to an airline, Virgin America’s N921VA

The last US-based 747-200

The last US-based 747-200 completed its final revenue flight last week so we sit down with Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren who was on hand for the final touchdown in Seattle.

N793CK, the last US-based 747-200 was retired this week

Patterns in the Sky

Jason happened to be poking around and found a plane circling Boston last week. We investigate the world of television relay, aerial imaging, and instrument calibration flights.

A month’s work for Flight Calibration Services in Europe

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