On this episode of AvTalk, we spend as little amount of time talking about Post Malone as possible. We find out that some aircraft are equipped with a ‘flux capacitator’. And Chris Sloan, the managing editor of Airways Magazine, joins us to discuss what he’s learned from interviewing leaders at Delta, United, and JetBlue this month.

An uneventful event

Last week rapper Post Malone’s Gulfstream IV suffered burst tires on the left main landing gear on departure from Teterboro. The aircraft burned fuel for a few hours before diverting to Stewart Airport in New York. We remark on how unremarkable the flight was.

An eventful event

A Capital Airlines A320 B-6952 landed in Shenzhen without its nose gear wheels, which separated from the aircraft during a landing attempt in Macau.

Great Scott!

A reporter with Boston 25 was given a bit of bad information regarding an aviation accident this week.

Azores Glider

This week marked the anniversary of the Azores Glider. The aircraft involved is still in service with Air Transat.

C-Suite Interviews with Chris Sloan

Airways Magazine managing editor Chris Sloan joins us to discuss his interviews with leadership at Delta, United, and JetBlue Airways.

Virgin Orbit 747 conducting test flights

Virgin Orbit’s 747 launch vehicle preparing for first launch with multiple test flights. We discuss some other aircraft used for launching rockets.

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