On this episode of AvTalk, the A330neo sets off on a 5 continent adventure, aviation finds its way into the World Cup, and we find out we’re overqualified for a seemingly important aviation job in the UK.

Cathay Pacific’s first A350-1000

Cathay Pacific took delivery of their first A350-1000 this week, making it the second carrier to add the aircraft to its fleet. The first aircraft is registered B-LXA.

B-LXA, the first A350-1000 for Cathay Pacific

A330neo route proving tour

Airbus is taking its A330neo show on the road with a 15 city, 5 continent tour. We talk about what to expect from the A330neo and preview our own tour of the aircraft in early July.

No experience necessary

The UK government is looking for a Head of Airspace Strategy/Head of Aviation EU Exit Negotiations. But, if you’re feeling under-qualified, worry not, ‘Prior knowledge of airspace and the aviation sector is an advantage but not necessary.’

A long way down

An Atlas Air 747 crew received a cargo fire indication prior to landing in Chicago. After safely landing and exiting the runway, they evacuated the aircraft via the escape slides. It’s a long way down from the upper deck of a 747.

Final report on BA2276 engine failure released

The NTSB released its final report on the 2015 engine failure on a British Airways 777 departing from Las Vegas. The report states the ‘uncontained left engine failure resulted from a fatigue crack in the high-pressure compressor (HPC) stage 8 disk.’ You can view the full report on the NTSB website.

The failed GE90 engine on BA2276

Read more about QF32, the Qantas A380 that suffered an uncontained engine failure in 2010.

World Cup flying

Some of the most popular flights this month have been national teams on their way to the world cup. The Germany and England teams were particularly well-followed. But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, as the Saudi Arabian team’s Rossiya A319 to Rostov-on-Don suffered an engine issue. The flight landed safely.

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