On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the aviation incidents that have occurred in the past two weeks and delve into the fortunes of major carries in the Middle East. And we’re joined again by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren to discuss vintage aviation advertising and… strapping rockets to a Convair?

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Incident Reports

The past two weeks have been quite eventful—and not in a good way. A Global Air 737 operating on behalf of Cubana crashed shortly after takeoff in Havana.

A Sichuan Airlines A319 lost its right main windscreen.

A Turkish Airlines A321 had its tail chopped off by an Asiana Airlines A330 in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines A321 TC-JMM in Istanbul after being struck by an Asiana Airlines A330

Airbus A380 strikes Comair CRJ in New York

Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV3818 (operated by Onur Air) diverted to Jeddah and landed with a retracted nose gear.

Vintage Aviation Advertising

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren joins us to discuss vintage aviation advertising and how one ad in particular really caught his eye.

Aerojet-General Corporation JATO ad from c. 1954.

Boeing 727 JATO take off from Mexico City

Boeing XB-47 JATO take off

Air Italy and other ME3 moves

We discuss Air Italy’s first 737 MAX and Qatar’s plans for the airline. We also take a look at Emirates’ pilot shortage and Etihad’s struggling financial position.

The first 737 MAX for Air Italy (EI-GFY)

Michael O’Leary’s Interview with Bloomberg

We dig in to Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s interview with Bloomberg earlier this week, including the future of other low-cost airlines in Europe and the introduction of Airbus aircraft into the Ryanair family.

Airbus H160 visits Jason in New York

In addition to enjoying a nice lunch outside, Jason got to see Airbus’ new H160 performing a photo flight in New York.

The results of the Airbus H160 photo flight witnessed by Jason. Photo courtesy Airbus

Qantas + Tesla do a thing

A plane, a Tesla Model X, a tow bar. Worth a minute of your time.

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