In this episode, we celebrate 1 year of AvTalk! We talk to aerospace journalist Jon Ostrower about Boeing’s new mid-market airplane, the 10,000th 737 rolls off the production line, and the massive GE9X flies for the first time.

Boeing’s NMA

We talk with Jon Ostrower to learn more about Boeing’s plan for the NMA, the manufacturer’s first new airplane since the 787. You can read Jon’s in-depth reporting on the NMA here.

A rendering of the Boeing NMA

The 10,000th 737

The 10,000th 737 ever produced rolled off the production line this week. N8717M, a 737 MAX 8, will go home with Southwest Airlines soon.

N8717M, the 10,000th 737 produced

The GE9X Flies

The GE9X, which will power the Boeing 777X, flew for the first time this week aboard GE Aviation’s 747-400 flying test bed.

The GE Aviation flying testbed carrying the GE9X

Recent Crashes and MLAT Coverage

We discuss recent crashes and how the data available is affected by how the aircraft were tracked.

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