On this episode of AvTalk we recap the meltdown at JFK Airport in New York after a blizzard that forced some flights to wait over 7 hours for a gate. A 737 tries to go swimming in the Black Sea. We review the 2017 Airbus and Boeing delivery numbers. And we remember a few moments from this week in aviation history.

JFK Meltdown

We addressed JFK’s meltdown in a special YouTube episode, but in this episode we look in to see if the situation has been resolved. Spoiler: it hasn’t. We also talk about the various investigations underway and Jason offers some ideas on how to fix it.

This week in Aviation History

This week marked the 9th anniversary of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’, the successful water landing and evacuation of a US Airways A320 in the Hudson River, and the 10th anniversary of the BA38 forced landing at London-Heathrow after losing power in both engines.

2017 Airbus and Boeing Delivery Numbers

We review the Airbus and Boeing delivery numbers for 2017 and hit some of the highlights. We also talk about how financially ill-equipped we are to purchase an aircraft from either manufacturer.

Pegasus PC8622

A Pegasus 737 overran the runway in Trabzon this week, sliding down a cliff toward the Black Sea.

Goodbye Redwood

As part of the Alaska Airlines + Virgin America merger, the airlines are now operating under the Alaska operating certificate and the Virgin America callsign ‘Redwood’ has gone away. We’re also keeping an eye on N625VA, which may be the first former Virgin America A320 in Alaska Airlines paint.

Ground Stop

Our first in a series of glossary terms. What’s a ground stop? We answer that question.

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Ian Petchenik’s love of aviation began at an early age growing up next to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. As Flightradar24’s director of communications and co-host of the AvTalk podcast Ian now gets to share that passion for aviation with millions of Flightradar24 users and listeners around the world.

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