On this episode of AvTalk, we look back at 2017 for an aviation year in review and look forward to what may happen in 2018.

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Editor’s note: we recorded this episode prior to news of a possible Boeing acquisition of Embraer breaking. This is surely now at the top of the list of things to watch in 2018.


In our survey we asked listeners to tell us what they thought the biggest stories of the year were. By far, the Airbus + Bombardier news was mentioned the most. Also of note were the various airline bankruptcies, and multiple retirements of 747s from fleets around the world.


We also look ahead to 2018 and some bold—and not-so-bold—predictions about the year ahead.

Thank you!

Thank you for listening! We’re thrilled to have finished 21 episodes and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. Happy Holidays and happy new year!

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