On this episode of AvTalk, we head to Stockholm to go inside Flightradar24. We sit down with co-founder Mikael Robertsson to learn how FR24 got started, and we talk to chief technology officer, Sean Atkinson to learn more about how FR24 works. We also check-in on a volcano in Bali, the world’s largest turboprop aircraft, and our favorite new airline, Joon.

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The Antonov An-22

The world’s largest turboprop, the Antonov An-22 is flying this week and drawing the eyes and ears of many in the UK, Finland, Canada, and Cuba.

Mt Agung eruption cancels flights in Bali

The eruption of Mt Agung and the resulting ash cloud led to the cancellation of flights in Bali. We talk about why volcanic ash and aircraft engines don’t mix.

Iraqi airspace reopens to international overflights

After a few years of avoiding Iraqi airspace, airlines are beginning to return to the country. We talk about what this might mean for your next flight.

How Flightradar24 got started

We sit down with Mikael Robertsson, co-founder of Flightradar24 to talk about how it all got started and how an empty sky in 2010 was a big leap for flight tracking.

We flew on planes

Ian and Jason offer mini-trip reports on the flights to Stockholm. Spoiler: Jason’s trip was a bit rougher than Ian’s.

How Flightradar24 works

Chief Technology Officer Sean Atkinson joins the podcast to talk about how Flightradar24 works.


Joon, our favorite coffee shop inside a pet store that is ‘also an airline’ launched service this week.

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