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AvTalk Episode 197: The problem with the ET302 final report

On our first episode of 2023, we see how Southwest has recovered from its meltdown; investigators issue their final report on ET302, but the NTSB and BEA have more to add; and airspace in the Philippines is recovered after a power outage closed the entire Manila FIR to flights.

Southwest’s recovery

Southwest Airlines’ operations returned to normal over the past week as the airline seeks to alleviate customer anger following the operational meltdown of the airline the week of Christmas. What’s the airline doing to solve the problem and make customers whole?

Investigators issue ET302 final report, but NTSB & BEA have issues

Ethiopian investigators finally released their final report on the crash of ET302 just before the end of 2022. But the NTSB and BEA have taken the unusual step of publishing public comments on the report.

Philippines airspace closed due to power failure

The Manila FIR was closed to traffic at the start of the year due to a power failure at the main air traffic control facility in the country.

China drops quarantine

China will drop quarantine for arriving international passengers beginning 8 January. The US will reintroduce a Covid test requirement for passengers arriving from China on 5 January. And round and round we go.

San Diego fuel issues

Issues with the fueling infrastructure at San Diego have led to some odd short flights by some international airlines for technical stops before continuing on.

“Emergency” landings in Iran

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: four former Turkish Airlines A340s that have been in storage in South Africa for a few years and recently re-registered in Burkina Faso were being transported to Uzbekistan, but all developed in-flight “emergencies” over Iran and had to land in Tehran.

Aeroflot buys 10 777-300ERs

Using a provision added to the EU sanctions regime in April, Aeroflot has bought out 10 777-300ERs it had leased from VEB.

Jetstar’s Bali mistake

Jetstar upgauged its Bali flight from Melbourne on 27 December, but didn’t tell the Bali airport that a 787 would be coming. The airport was unable to accommodate a 787 at the time, so the flight turned back to Melbourne.

Airlines we lost in 2022

There weren’t all that many airlines that stopped operating in 2022. We take a look at Brett Snyder’s yearly list to see which planes are now parked.

A new flight tracking record

In 2022, we set a new record for total number of flights tracked, but commercial flight recovery remains in stasis.

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