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AvTalk Episode 193: The final 747 leaves the factory

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, the final Boeing 747 rolls out of the factory, Airbus didn’t deliver nearly as many planes this year as they thought they would, and Gabriel Leigh talks to Air Greenland CEO Jacob Nitter as the airline takes its first (and only) A330-800neo.

The final 747 leaves the factory

With little fanfare, the final Boeing 747 rolled out of the factory this week, capping 54 years of continuous production. We discuss the airplane’s impact on aviation, travel, and popular culture.

Another setback for 737 MAX certification

The amendment proposed by Senator Maria Cantwell is not (as of now) included in the must-pass defense authorization bill that the US Congress will take up before the end of the year. The amendment would have removed the time limit for certifying the 737-7 and -10 MAX and required retrofitting the 737-8 and -9 MAX with the new Angle of Attack sensor and stick shaker disabling technology developed for the -10 MAX.

Boeing engineers do the math

A large contingent of Boeing engineers chose to retire before a November deadline that would have seen their pensions slashed due to US tax rules.

Airbus falls short of its delivery target

Airbus will fall far short of its stated goal of 700 commercial aircraft deliveries in 2022. The manufacturer withdrew its guidance this week and offered no new target for the end of the year.

Air Greenland takes delivery of its A330-800neo

Air Greenland took delivery of its first and only A330-800neo this week in Toulouse. Gabriel Leigh was on board and spoke with CEO Jacob Nitter.

Air India leasing more aircraft

Air India will lease additional aircraft as it continues to ramp up operations. The carrier announced plans for six additional 777-300ERs and six A320neos.

First Lufthansa A380 removed from storage

Lufthansa flew its first A380 out of storage last week as it prepares to return the aircraft to service by mid-2023.

WestJet goes west

WestJet is continuing its long-haul realignment and launching flights from Calgary to Tokyo on the 787.

Viva Air Colombia low fuel update

Colombian officials released their preliminary report regarding the Viva Air Colombia A320neo that landed with very little fuel in October. The report (PDF, Spanish only) confirms the aircraft landed with less than 300 kg of fuel onboard. The discussion of the flight also indicates that the pilots and ATC handled the rapidly changing weather conditions about as well as possible.

Another day, another tug

Jason reports on KLM and Schiphol Airport’s efforts to once again cut emissions by changing out aircraft get from the gate to the runway.

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