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AvTalk Episode 19: They Bought How Many Planes!?

On this episode of AvTalk, we welcome back Seth Miller to discuss his recent adventures on a variety of Japanese low-cost carriers and his flight on the COMAC ARJ 21. He also fills us in on the status of Operation Puerto Rico Care Lift and the upcoming Operation Gift Lift. And we recap the massive order book of the Dubai Airshow and check in on a few A380s in the news.

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Dubai Airshow recap

The 787-10 at the Dubai Airshow

Airlines and leasing companies walked away from the Dubai Airshow this year with over 800 orders for new aircraft. The largest order, from Indigo Partners will see 430 aircraft delivered to 4 low-cost carriers. Fly Dubai also placed a large order, purchasing up to 225 Boeing 737 MAX. Emirates also ordered 40 Boeing 787-10, adding a new type to its fleet.

Take an A380, leave an A380

The damaged #4 engine on F-HPJE. Photo courtesy BEA

The damaged Air France A380 in Goose Bay will get the engine needed for weight and balance to ferry back to Europe on 3 operable engines. The damaged engine will be ferried back to Europe for further examination. A detailed explanation and the flight schedule for the engine transport is available here.

The first commercial A380 recently returned to lessor by Singapore Airlines may see new life with Hifly soon, but many questions still remain about who it will be operating for or if the plane will actually fly again.

In conversation with Seth Miller

The Delta A350 inaugural flight, 5 Japanese low-cost carriers in 44 hours, a flight on the COMAC ARJ21, and Operation Puerto Rico Gift Lift. We chat with Seth Miller about his recent adventures and a very worthy cause.

The A350-1000 receives EASA & FAA certification

The Airbus A350-1000 conducting a test flight

After almost a year of flight tests, the Airbus A350-1000 has received certification from EASA and the FAA, paving the way for delivery to the launch customer Qatar Airways toward the end of the year.

AvTalk episode 20 from Stockholm

Ian and Jason head to Stockholm in a few weeks to record episode 20. We’ll be talking about how Flightradar24 works and some upcoming projects. If you have questions about Flightradar24, email us and we’ll do our best to answer them in Episode 20.

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