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AvTalk Episode 187: Korean Air goes off-roading

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, a Korean Air A330 overruns the runway while attempting to land in Cebu. And a Cuban pilot flies his An-2 crop duster to Florida, 20 feet above the ocean.

Korean Air 631

Korean Air flight 631 was attempting to land in Cebu, Philippines during poor weather when it overran the runway. We break down what we know so far about the accident that miraculously left all onboard uninjured.

Airbus’ NPS

At this week’s APEX in Long Beach, California, Airbus promoted its “New Production Standard” for the A350, which adds a few extra inches to the interior cabin width. This in turn enables airlines to choose a 10-abreast economy seating arrangement that is “less miserable,” according to Jason. But the unveiling at APEX could have gone better, at least from Iberia’s point of view.

Hawaiian Airlines signs on with Amazon

Hawaiian Airlines will operate up to 10 A330-300P2F aircraft for Amazon beginning in 2023. We discuss why Hawaiian is making the move into cargo and what it means for the Amazon Air fleet.

Orders of interest

Air Côte d’Ivoire will take a pair of A330neos, Air Canada tops up its A220 orderbook, Alaska does the same with the 737 MAX, and TUI Belgium will put three E195-E2s to work.

A daring flight to Florida

A Cuban pilot flew his An-2 from Cuba to Florida’s Dade-Collier airport in the middle of the Everglades. Much of the flight was completed at extremely low altitudes over the ocean.

Eurocontrol: don’t expect to fly in Russia for a long, long time

In its revised seven year forecast, Eurocontrol does not foresee flights returning to Russia through the forecast period into 2028. Here’s the full forecast.

New Frontiers?

Ultra low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines is scheduled to take delivery of its first A321XLR in 2026, so it has some time to figure out what to do with the new aircraft type. One consideration? Transatlantic flights.

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