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AvTalk Episode 175: Thanks Nancy

On this episode of AvTalk, SPAR19 becomes the most tracked flight of all time, a bizarre mystery surrounds a tragic flight, and Seth Miller joins us to explain the proposed passenger refund rules from the US Department of Transportation.

SPAR19 becomes Flightradar24’s most tracked flight ever

The flight of a US Air Force C-40 from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei was followed by nearly 3 million people throughout the flight and more than 700,000 as it landed in Taiwan. We discuss the significance of the flight and how it affected Flightradar24’s infrastructure and what we’re doing now to ensure a better experience for everyone.

FAA nearing final sign off on Boeing 787 deliveries

The acting administrator of the FAA visited Boeing’s facilities in South Carolina this week ahead of an expected sign off on the resumption of 787 deliveries.

Airbus cancels Qatar A350 orders

Reuters is reporting that Airbus has canceled all remaining Qatar Airways A350 orders, striking 19 A350s from the books. This is the latest and most dramatic escalation in the long running dispute between the European airframer and Qatar.

A bizarre tragedy in North Carolina

A bizarre and tragic turn of events after a hard landing led to a damaged aircraft, one of the pilots of a CASA 212 jumped out of the aircraft—without a parachute—as the plane was attempting to make an emergency landing in Raleigh.

New rules for refunds

The US Department of Transportation is proposing new rules for when airlines must refund passenger fares. Seth Miller of PaxEx.aero joins us to explain the proposal and what it could mean if the new rules are enacted.

How big should airplane seats be?

The US FAA wants to know how large airplane seats should be. The request relates entirely to how large seats need to be to safely evacuate an aircraft, so before you submit your comment know that they don’t care how comfortable you are.

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