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AvTalk Episode 168: Patience packed, but will it be enough?

On this episode of AvTalk, Ian heads to Stockholm, while Jason is joined by Seth Miller in Hamburg for the Aircraft Interiors Expo. We preview some of the innovations from the expo, including one that promises to make your seat less swampy and one that none of us want to see on an airline any time soon.

How much patience do I need to pack?

As we’ve said before, getting through the airport is going to be rough this summer. But how rough is it? We break down where things are working and where the pain points are based on our experiences this week and the reports listeners have helpfully sent in. Thankfully, one big hurdle is now gone as the US dropped pre-departure Covid test requirements as of this week.

Inside the Aircraft Interiors Expo

13:50 Jason and Seth Miller are in Hamburg for the Aircraft Interiors Expo, where companies are showing off the newest features and products they hope airlines will bring to the cabin in a few year’s time. From new screens to seats that promise to get rid of “airplane seat swamp-ass,” Jason and Seth give us the highlights.

Airbus A321XLR makes first flight

29:14 Airbus’ longest-range variant of the A321 made its first flight this week from Hamburg. What makes the A321XLR special?

Wizz Air CEO tells staff to sleep better

31:38 Wizz Air’s CEO told staff in a video message that that ‘we are all fatigued, but sometimes it is required to take the extra mile,’ as he discussed operational difficulties. As it turns out, this isn’t a great thing to say.

Airlander picks up an ‘order’

34:37 Spanish regional carrier Air Nostrum has placed a ‘reservation agreement’ for HAV’s Airlander 10 airship for delivery beginning 2026. This caught us by surprise for a variety of reasons.

Regional pilots getting a pay bump, for now

39:30 Regional pilots operating for wholly-owned subsidiaries of American Airlines will receive a bump in pay, for now. We break down the agreement and what it could mean for regional carriers moving forward.

The ExpressJet mystery

42:15 United Airlines recently divested itself of ExpressJet. But, who owns it now?

Switzerland closes for a few hours

44:30 Swiss airspace was closed for a brief period on Wednesday after a computer failure.

Denmark comes in with the cash

45:44 With Sweden saying no to SAS’ request for additional liquidity, Denmark has signaled that they’re ready to add cash to the airline in a bid to accomplish the airline’s restructuring plan.

Norse launches their longships

47:25 Long-haul, low-cost Norse launched flights this week with an inaugural trip between Oslo and New York.

CemAir picks up a few CRJs

48:50 South African carrier CemAir will take delivery of a pair of ex-SAS CRJs as it continues to grow its fleet.

Judge greenlights DOJ’s NEA lawsuit

49:50 In a ruling this week, a judge moved forward the US DOJ’s suit against the American Airlines — JetBlue Northeast Alliance, setting the trial for September.

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