On this episode of AvTalk, Jason reports from the APEX EXPO in Long Beach, we chat with Seth Miller about the fate of the Bombardier C Series in the US, and we Swoop in to discuss Air France’s newest creation, Joon.

Swoop and Joon

WestJet introduced their new ultra low-cost carrier, Swoop, this week and Air France’s new airline Joon received a full roll out. We talk about each airline’s prospects.

A Big Blow to Bombardier

The Bombardier C Series CS100

We discuss with Seth Miller the ITC’s decision to place a 219.63% tariff on Bombardier C Series aircraft imported into the United States and the major impact this could have on Delta Air Lines. We also try to make sense of the decision and work through some of the possibilities for the future.

The APEX Expo

Bi-weekly Air Berlin Update

Air Berlin is sending its leased A330s to storage and winding down its long-haul operations by 15 October. The rest of the airline’s assets are being divided among bidders.

COMAC C919 Flies Again

After nearly five months, the COMAC C919, the first large jetliner designed and built in China, made its second flight.

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