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AvTalk Episode 148: Firing the customer

Last week’s rollout of C-Band 5G wireless in the US wasn’t a total disaster, but it’s still a giant mess. And the dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways has reached new heights, with Airbus canceling Qatar’s order for 50 A321neo aircraft and Qatar responding with a video detailing the damage to its A350s.

NOTAMs, AMOCs, ADs, oh my!

The C-band 5G rollout didn’t result in the chaos and doom predicted by airlines and the FAA, but it was by no means smooth sailing. We talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what comes next.

Firing the customer

The dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways reached new heights as Airbus canceled Qatar’s order for 50 A321neos and the airline released a video of the damage to its A350s. Meanwhile, things are cooking at Boeing where Qatar could become the launch customer of the 777XF shortly.

Aircraft Piracy charges brought against Belarus officials

The US has charged four Belarusian officials with aircraft piracy related to the forced diversion of Ryanair flight 4978. We discuss the charges and the new details revealed by the indictment.

A Stowaway

A Cargolux Italia 747 landed in Amsterdam this week carrying more than just cargo. A Stowaway managed to survive the journey from at least Nairobi in the wheel well of the aircraft.

Airbus gives the Belugas their own airline

As the BelugaXL takes over carrying Airbus aircraft components around Europe, the original Belugas will move on to their own cargo airline available for charter.

Lufthansa looks to Italy

Lufthansa is likely to take a stake in ITA Airways. ITA Airways for its part is also looking to bring back the Alitalia brand—which it originally said it wasn’t going to use—for an airline within an airline. And very little of any of this makes sense to us, but luckily we have Brett Snyder’s excellent breakdown of the situation.

Boeing Wisks away $450 million

Boeing has invested $450 million in Wisk Aero, an eVTOL manufacturer. We share their rationale for the investment and get an update on the 787 program delivery delays.

Building Boom

Boom announced construction of a factory in North Carolina for its Overture supersonic jet.

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