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AvTalk Episode 145: EK231 and the stinking onion

On this episode of AvTalk, we’re joined by The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower to discuss the concerning departure of Emirates flight EK231 from Dubai in late December. Plus, Allegiant orders 100 737 MAX.

Allegiant goes for the MAX

US ultra-low cost carrier Allegiant Air signed with Boeing for 50 firm orders plus 50 options and all sorts of extras from Boeing. We break down the order and why Allegiant made the jump from an all-Airbus fleet.

Airlink Jetstream hits a bird, a big bird

An Airlink Jetstream operating a charter flight in northern South Africa hit a bird, shattering one of the propellers, and sending debris into the cabin.

LOT 787 window goes for smokey eyes

A LOT 787 operating from Seoul to Warsaw experienced smoke in the cabin due to the malfunction of one of the aircraft’s windows shortly before landing.

EK231 and the stinking onion

The Air Current editor Jon Ostrower joins us to discuss a departure incident that occurred as EK231 was leaving Dubai for Washington on 20 December. We discuss what we know from the ADS-B data, Jon’s reporting, and what we still don’t know about this serious incident. You can read The Air Current’s initial reporting on the incident here.

Snack after flying

Air New Zealand will shift its snack service on domestic flights to after the flight has landed in order to promote 100% mask wearing on these flights.

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