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AvTalk Episode 138: The 2021 Dubai Airshow

On this episode of AvTalk, we recap the new from the 2021 Dubai Airshow and some great news for Boeing and the 737 MAX.

Dubai Airshow

We recap the aircraft orders and other highlights from the Dubai Airshow. And check out our full show recap from Gabriel Leigh over on our YouTube channel coming out on Monday, 22 November.

China moves forward on the MAX

There’s finally some good news for Boeing as Reuters reports that Chinese regulators are satisfied with Boeing’s changes to the MAX and have now asked Chinese airlines to offer input ahead of recertification.

Lynx Air coming to Canada

Just a few years ago Canada lacked any low-cost carriers, let alone ultra-low cost options. Now, there are multiple competing airlines and Lynx Air aims to join the fray.

ITA wants to get hitched

ITA Chairman Alfredo Altavilla pitches a marriage with Lufthansa in rather interesting language.

The NTSB goes to space

The NTSB released its 2020 traffic report this week, show the decrease in flight hours and accidents. They also announced their intention to head to space.

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