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AvTalk Episode 136: Jet Pack Man isn’t real

On this episode of AvTalk, the Transair 737 is raised from the ocean floor, the FAA is concerned the radio may be too loud, and we’re sad to say, jet pack man isn’t real.

Transair 810 recovered from the ocean floor

3:45 | Transair 810, the 737-200 freighter that ditched south of Honolulu a few months ago, has been recovered. The NTSB has shipped the data recorders to its lab.

A380s get the knife

7:53 | A former Singapore Airlines A380 is being scrapped in Singapore and its not a pretty sight. And Emirates is scrapping their first A380 and will make much of the aircraft available for sale as upcycled products.

FAA cautions about new interference with aircraft radio altimeters

11:49 | The FAA has warned that a new portion of radio spectrum being deployed for 5G has the possibility to interfere with aircraft radio altimeters.

American Airlines takes the hot potato

15:35 | Last week was American Airlines’ turn at a multi-day operational breakdown. Over a three day period the airline canceled nearly 3,000 flights.

How are the new airlines doing?

23:52 | We learn about an airline that wants to start a new airline with a not-so-crazy merger. And we check in on aha!, Avelo, and ITA.

Flying the French cooking oil express

29:15 | Airbus and its partners completed a test flight with the A319neo with one engine powered completely by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Is the Jet Pack Man mystery solved?

33:42 | Pilots in Los Angeles were seeing a person with a Jet Pack flying near LAX. After an investigation, it turns out that the actual sightings might be even stranger.

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