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AvTalk Episode 119: Ditching in the dark

On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the ditching of a Transair 737-200 in Hawaii. Delta is headed to the used plane lot and we’re finally ready to launch Richard Branson into space.

Transair 810 ditching in Hawaii

Transair 737 operated by Rhoades Aviation ditched in the water near Honolulu after suffering engine trouble. Both crew members of the cargo jet survived and were rescued by the US Coast Guard. We discuss what we know so far and what the 10-member NTSB investigative team is working on now.

Delta hits the used plane lot for a deal

The Air Current reports that Delta Air Lines will take used A350s from LATAM and 737-900ERs from Lion Air to grow its fleet following pandemic-related cuts. Delta withdrew its entire 777 fleet and parked a large number of narrowbody aircraft at the beginning of the pandemic.

Mitsu-what now?

Mitsubishi might be considering a restart of limited CRJ production. We entertain the notion for a brief moment.

Air Astana sues Embraer

Air Astana has sued Embraer over issues with its E190-E2 aircraft. We discuss the lawsuit and Embraer’s response.

Launching Richard Branson into space

Richard Branson will ride his Virgin Orbit’s VSS Unity into space on Sunday, 11 July. Set an alert for registration N202VG if you’d like to follow along.

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