On this week’s episode, United announces a huge and real aircraft order, the Boeing 777X suffers another setback, and an airline in Alaska seeks to become the Icelandair of the northwest.

The big United order

Jason attends his first large industry event this week in Newark, as United announces an order for 270 737 MAX and A321neos. And big changes are coming to the cabin as well.

Boeing’s 777X problem

The FAA sent a letter to Boeing in May that was first reported this week advising the manufacturer that the 777X is not yet ready for certification flights. We discuss the latest set back for the 777X.

Ravn’s new plan

Alaskan airline Ravn has a plan to become the Icelandair of the northwest, using 757s to connect destinations in Asia to the lower 48 US states via Anchorage.

Sky Lease overrun final report

Canadian investigators issued their final report on the runway overrun and breakup of a Sky Lease Cargo 747 at Halifax in 2018. The full report can be found here.

Special flights mentioned in the show

Following the Tour de France

If you enjoy watching the Tour de France, we discuss how it gets from the cameras to your screen. Check out our blog post: How the Tour de France goes from cycle to screen.

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