On this episode of AvTalk, we continue our conversation with NTSB investigator Sean Payne to discuss the NTSB’s most wanted list and their call for crash protected recorders to be installed in all passenger carrying commercial aircraft.

More MAX news

The FAA issued its airworthiness directive saying some 737 MAX with electrical grounding issues need to be fixed before they can fly again. But Boeing is still working on the service bulletin to tell operators how to do that.

Separately, an airworthiness directive mandates checks on some CFM LEAP-1B engines that power the 737 MAX. These checks are due to ‘pressure transducer corrosion following extended storage periods.’

ZeroAvia makes ‘off airport landing’

ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-powered prototype made an ‘off airport landing’ earlier this week. The aircraft’s left wing was torn off the fuselage after its landing gear dug into the soft earth in a field next to the airport following a forced landing. Luckily there were no serious injuries and the company and investigators have begun the process of understanding what went wrong.

The tower is empty, but there are plenty of eyes watching

London City airport became the first major airport to transition to a remote control tower earlier this year and made the announcement publicly last Friday.

Orders and fleet changes

Incremental change seems to to be the order of the day as airlines add a handful of new aircraft to their order book to complement their new fleet structures in a post-Covid world. We discuss changes at Lufthansa, Silk Way, and Aeromexico. And Malaysia Airlines confirms its A380s will exit the fleet.

NTSB’s most wanted list with Sean Payne

We welcome back Sean Payne for part 2 of our discussion to dig in to the NTSB’s most wanted list, especially the board’s continued call for the installation of image recorders on the flight deck of commercial aircraft. We discuss what the NTSB actually means when they say image recorders and the lack of any crash protected recorders in many passenger carrying commercial aircraft.

Listen to part 1 of our conversation here


Delay code? What’s a delay code?

News from United Airlines this week that they’ll do away with Delay codes prompts Ian to ask Jason, “Hey, what’s a delay code, and why do I care?” Turns out, if you have a tight connection, you might care a great deal.

New Airlines

There are new airlines sprouting up all over the place! Avelo, Aero K, Bees, the a new mysterious entrant into the space formerly occupied by Joon, Super Air Jet.

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