In Episode 11, we check in on the 747 to note a few melancholy milestones and the possibility that two 747s might soon find an interesting new home. We run through some of the flights that made the news recently, including some for the wrong reasons. And we ponder the thorny legal issues that airborne labor and delivery can create.

Melancholy Milestones

As the 747 ages, many airlines are sending their fleet to the desert, marking the end of long-haul routes and the conclusion of domestic service. We walk through some of the milestones, including the delivery of what is likely the last commercial passenger 747.

HL7644, very likely the last commercial passenger 747 Boeing will ever deliver to a customer.

Also in the news this week, the US Air Force and Boeing moved closer to a deal to use two 747s originally ordered by now-defunct airline Transaero and currently stored in the California desert as the next presidential aircraft. We debate the merits of this approach.

Happy Milestones

In July, Flightradar24 set a monthly record of 5.3 million flights and a daily record of 189,168. We also installed a few new remote receivers, including the third receiver on St Helena and one in far-north Greenland.

Flights in the News

An Air India flight forgot to retract its landing gear and needed to divert because it ran low on fuel.

AI676, which diverted to Nagpur after the crew failed to retract the A320’s landing gear


As part of its ongoing dispute with countries in region, Qatar has requested its own Flight Information Region.


A interesting flight over Ontario, Canada caught our eye.


There was a hail of a storm in Istanbul and at least four aircraft were damaged, including severe damage to an Atlas Global A320.

Video of the Atlas Global A320 landing back at Istanbul with significant hail damage.

Photos of the Delta 747 damaged by hail in 2015.

Spending 3.5 hours holding waiting for the weather to clear at Funchal, Enter Air flight 834 ended up diverting away anyway.

E4834 Speed and Altitude Graph

Lufthansa 543 welcomed an additional passenger en route from Bogota to Frankfurt when a passenger gave birth to a baby boy. Mother and baby are doing well. Jason wonders where the baby can claim citizenship. If you know—or think you know—email us to fill us in.

LH543 welcomed an additional passenger southwest of Ireland


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