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AvTalk Episode 103: Ian’s plan to save Norwegian with GameStop cash

On this episode of AvTalk, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority clear the 737 MAX for flight. And Ian hatches a plan to save Norwegian Air by getting the Norwegian government to sell its shares in GameStop.

Sriwijaya Air flight 182 updates

We discuss the status of the black boxes and what investigators are reportedly looking at more closely as we await an interim report next month.

EASA and the UK CAA clear the 737 MAX

EASA and the UK CAA both cleared the 737 MAX to fly this week, paving the way for the aircraft’s return to European skies. The EASA airworthiness directive is similar to the one issued earlier this month by Canada, requiring addition actions beyond those mandated by the US FAA.

Boeing’s reports record loss for 2020

Boeing reported a record $12 billion loss for 2020 as it dealt with the continued grounding of the 737 MAX, quality issues with the 787, 777X program delays, and other problems in divisions outside commercial airplanes. We also see delivery of the first 777X slip to late 2023, with entry into service likely not before early 2024.

Ian’s plan to save Norwegian with GameStop cash

An online community has fueled a meteoric rise in the price of GameStop stock this week. The government pension fund of Norway happens to own 2.6% of GameStop’s stock. Ian attempts to convince Jason that the Norwegian government could recapitalize Norwegian Air with proceeds from selling its position in GameStop. To be clear, this is all hypothetical and the government of Norway does not—nor should it—take any investment advice from Ian and this podcast.

A troubling report on GPS interference

We discuss a troubling report about the effects purposeful GPS interference is having on aviation to determine just how troubled we should be. You can read the report in IEEE Spectrum here.

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