As the aviation industry continues to find its way in the wake of COVID-19, we saw a resurgence in total flight activity in May, driven mostly by non-commercial flights. In May, Flightradar24 tracked more than 100,000 total daily flights for the first time since the end of March. Commercial flight activity continues to climb from its mid-April lows, but is growing at a much slower rate.

2019-2020 Total and Commercial flights trackedTotal flights down 52% in May, compared to 2019

The total number of flights tracked in May 2020 was down 52% from May 2019. In April, total flights were 62% below 2019. The increase in total flights is due mostly to non-commercial flight activity. Commercial flight activity increased slightly in May down just 70.8% from 2019, compared to 73.7% in April.

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The busiest day in May for total flights was 21 May with 121,065 flights tracked. That’s well below the 188,400 flights tracked on 21 May 2019.

May 2016-May 2020 Total Flights

Commercial flights down 70.8% in May, compared to 2019

Commercial traffic continued its slow recovery in May, though we expect that pace to increase in June as additional airlines restart more of the operations.

Commercial flights 2020 vs 2019


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