Each week we spend hundreds of hours tracking flights, but we also make time for other avgeek pursuits, like the videos below. This week, we visit the flight deck of a 737, watch a passenger jet perform some acrobatics, see Boeing’s new 737 MAX 9 for the first time, and get our first glimpse at turtles on a whale.

From the Flight Deck

We shared this earlier in the week, but it’s so good we can’t help sharing it again. Spend some time on the flight deck of the Boeing 737 and get an intimate look at what it takes to get the aircraft into the air.

The AN-158 Performs

Antonov’s newest regional jet, the AN-158 takes to the skies to demonstrate some acrobatic flying. Probably not something we’ll see with passengers on board.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Roll Out

Earlier this week Boeing rolled out its newest jet, the 737 MAX 9, the larger sibling of the 737 MAX 8. The MAX 9 will begin flight testing shortly and hopefully we’ll have additional videos to share, like this one.

Turtles on a Whale

All Nippon Airways will take delivery of three Airbus A380 jets, beginning service between Tokyo and Honolulu in 2019. ANA hosted a contest to design a special livery for their first A380. The ‘Flying Honu’ livery by Chihiro Masuoka of Tokyo was selected from over 2000 entries.


Featured image © dgorun

Gallo AeroGallo © Roberto Bianchi

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