Turkish airline AtlasGlobal announced that it is temporarily suspending operations from 26 November to 21 December. The airline posted a message on their website saying it had entered ‘a new phase of restructuring in order to provide you a unique flight experience’. AtlasGlobal operates a fleet of 18 Airbus, including A320, A321, and A330 aircraft.

Tracking the AtlasGlobal fleet

AtlasGlobal aircraft have continued to fly post-announcement, though not with passengers. Aircraft have flown to Montpellier, Toulouse, and Sheffield, among others, for storage.

Where is the AtlasGlobal fleet?

You can view all AtlasGlobal aircraft on our fleet page and see where individual aircraft are currently located by clicking on the registration.

The AltasGlobal fleet as of 26 November 2019
The AltasGlobal fleet as of 26 November 2019, click through for the interactive fleet list


Featured image © Rainer Spoddig
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  1. Dave Hughes

    TC-ATE did not go to “Sheffield” as listed by FR24 earlier, it went to St Athan. HTH!