The Antonov An-225, the largest cargo aircraft in the world, will begin a week-long flight schedule from its home base in Ukraine to South America this Thursday. The aircraft will load cargo at Leipzig/Halle before flying across the Atlantic and down the east coast of North America on its way to Iquique, Chile. From there the aircraft will make its way to Campinas to load new cargo and offload in Santiago.

Learn about the An-225

The Antonov An-225 landing in Perth
The Antonov An-225 landing in Perth

See our profile of the An-225 from earlier this year when the aircraft made its first visit to Perth, Australia. Also see photos of the An-225 from the JetPhotos catalog.

An-225 Flight Schedule

As will all charter cargo operations, this schedule is tentative and subject to change. We do not yet have information on the return journey, but will update this page as we learn more.

DateFlightScheduled DepartureOriginDestinationScheduled Arrival
10 NovADB304F 10:00GML/UKKMLEJ/EDDP 12:00
11 NovADB3704 17:00LEJ/EDDP KEF/BIKF 20:45
12 NovADB3704 21:20KEF/BIKF YYR/CYYR 01:40 +1
13 NovADB3704 05:00YYR/CYYRIAH/KIAH11:00
14 NovADB300F02:30IAH/KIAHVCP/SKBP12:30
15 NovADB300F 00:30VCP/SKBPGRU/SBGR01:00
15 NovADB3700 10:00GRU/SBGRSCL/SCEL 14:00
16 NovADB304F02:00SCL/SCEL IQQ/SCDA04:30
17 NovADB304F12:52IQQ/SCDAIAH/KIAH22:30
18 NovADB370415:17MCO/KMCOPBM/SMJP20:25
18 NovADB370421:00PBM/SMJPIQQ/SCDA02:00 +1
19 NovADB304F13:00IQQ/SCDASCL/SCEL 15:30

All scheduled times UTC

Note that the schedule is tentative and subject to change. We will update this post with any new information as it becomes available. Flights marked with a * remain unconfirmed.

Tracking the An-225

Because the An-225 lacks an ADS-B transponder, we track it using MLAT. This means that the aircraft must remain covered by multiple receivers in order for us to track it. During its journey, it may pass through areas without MLAT coverage more than once. Coverage of the An-225 at low altitudes may also be intermittent due to the limitations of MLAT tracking. We are working to add additional receivers in multiple areas in order to better track the An-225 and other MLAT-only aircraft.

There are multiple ways to track the An-225 on Flightradar24.

  • ✈️  Registration: UR-82060
  • ✈️ Type: A225
  • ✈️ Callsign: ADB{XXXX}, where {XXXX} is the flight number listed in the schedule above.



Featured Image by Matthew McDonald

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