Since we redesigned the flight information panel and added additional data for each flight, we thought it only fair to give the airport information panels a refresh as well. Launched this week, the new airport information panel includes new data about arriving and departing flights as well as the airports themselves.

You can access the airport information panel by clicking any blue airport pin on the map or by searching for an airport by name or code.

These updates are currently for Flightradar24 on the web. Updates to the airport panels in our mobile app will be available soon.

More data and easier to read

In the new airport information panels, we’ve added an image of the airport, more detailed weather information, myFlightradar24 reviews, more schedule information and statistics, and details about the airport’s runways. We’ve also made the panel responsive so you can easily view the information on any sized screen.

Side-by-side view of revised airport information panels, from left to right, General, Arrivals, Departures, On ground

At the top of the panel you’ll find the name of the airport, it’s IATA and ICAO codes, as well as the current local time and the UTC timezone offset. We’ve also listed the elevation of the airfield.


Below that we’ve added a photo of the airport. These photos come from the JetPhotos catalog. If you have a photo of an airport for which we do not yet have a photo, please submit it to JetPhotos for inclusion in the panel. Please note that photos must be landscape orientation for inclusion in the airport panel.

Airport image


New to the panel is additional weather information. Always shown are the current visibility, temperature and wind conditions. When you expand the More weather & METAR button, you’ll see current pressure, dew point, humidity, sunrise and sunset times listed. You’ll also find the latest reported METAR for the airport. Clicking Earlier METAR reports will take you to the airport data page where you can review the past 72 hours of METAR data.

Weather data

myFlightradar24 rating

We’ve also added the overall myFlightradar24 user review score to quickly give you an idea of how much myFlightradar24 users like the airport. You can click through to read individual reviews.

myFlightradar24 rating

Flight disruptions

We’ve refined our disruptions section to more clearly present delay and cancellation data as well. On the general tab, you’ll see current delays and the current Disruption index value. The Disruption index value is a balanced value taking into account the number of delayed flights, the average length of the delay and the number of canceled flights. You can click over to the Arrivals or Departures tab to view more disruption statistics.

Flight disruptions


We’ve added a new section with schedule statistics for the coming week. Here you’ll be able to see the total number of departures for the next 7 days, the most popular route from the airport, and how many airports and countries are served. We also have the complete route map and schedules available on our airport data page accessible via the link in the information panel.

Schedule information

Runway information

Another addition to the airport information panel’s general tab is a list of runways at the airport, their length and composition.

Runway information

myFlighradar24 frequent fliers

You’ll now also see how many myFlightradar24 users have transited an airport and who the most frequent travelers are (based on public myFlightradar24 profiles).

myFlightradar24 frequent fliers

Arrival and Departure boards

The Arrival and Departure boards have also been updated to provide expanded information. We’ve added a larger airline logo to the listings to make individual flights a bit easier to spot. When selecting an individual flight on the arrivals tab you will now see arrival information such as the terminal, gate, and baggage claim listed (when available).

Arrival Information

Check out the the new airport information panel at by clicking on any airport pin and let us know your thoughts. If you have feedback about the panels or anything on Flightradar24, please get in touch.

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