Air New Zealand will launch Auckland-New York (EWR) flights next October with the 787-9. The flight will become the 5th longest flight in the world.

Ultra-long haul from Auckland

Beginning October 2020, Air New Zealand will fly to New York (EWR) from Auckland three times per week aboard the 787-9. The 14,178 km flight will become the 5th longest flight in the world. In order to begin non-stop service to New York, Air New Zealand will cease its Los Angeles-London route at the same time.

At 13,182 km, Air New Zealand’s longest non-stop route is currently NZ26 | NZ27 between Auckland and Chicago, followed by its services to Houston and Vancouver. It’s current one-stop service to London covers a total great circle distance of 19,245 km.

Air New Zealand’s October 2019 route map
Air New Zealand’s October 2019 route map

The longest flights in the world

With the launch of Auckland-New York service, 3 of the 5 longest flights in the world will pass through Auckland. The 2nd longest flight in the world (Doha) and the 4th longest (Dubai) also serve the city.

The table below shows the currently longest flights in the world as of October 2019.

Flight numbersRouteAirlineGreat Circle DistanceAverage Flight Time (30 day average)
SQ21/SQ22Singapore-New York (EWR)Singapore Airlines15,344 km 17:42/17:53
QR921/QR920Doha-AucklandQatar Airways14,535 km 16:57/15:51
QF9/QF10Perth-LondonQantas14,499 km 16:47/16:09
EK449/EK448Dubai-AucklandEmirates14,200 km 16:20/15:06
SQ37/SQ38, SQ35/SQ36Singapore-Los AngelesSingapore Airlines14,113 km 15:55/15:46, 16:03/15:43
UA101/UA100Houston-SydneyUnited Airlines13,834 km 16:26/15:05
QF8/QF7Sydney-Dallas/Fort WorthQantas13,804 km 16:21/14:57
PR127/PR126Manila-New YorkPhilippine Airlines13,712 km 15:56/15:30
UA1/UA2, UA29/UA28San Francisco-SingaporeUnited Airlines13,593 km 15:28/15:02, 15:29/15:00
SQ31/SQ32, SQ33/SQ34Singapore-San FranciscoSingapore Airlines13,593 km 15:26/15:08, 15:20/15:17


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