Air France is changing its state of mind and has announced its intention to shutter roof top bar Joon. The fashion designer that’s ‘also an airline’ will soon no longer be an airline.

In a 10 January statement, Air France said it would begin a project to reintegrate Joon back into the Air France brand, noting ‘the brand was difficult to understand from the outset for customers, for employees, for markets and for investors.’

See our previous AvTalk discussions on Joon’s introduction and possible demise.

The Joon fleet currently consists of 17 aircraft: 8 A320s, 5 A321s, and 4 A340s. The most recent addition to the Joon fleet was just painted at the end of November 2018.

Here’s the Joon fleet and how to track them. We’ve also noted each aircraft’s current livery and will update this post as aircraft are repainted back in to Air France livery.

RegistrationICAO CodeAircraft typeLivery
F-GKXHA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXIA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXNA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXRA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXTA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXVA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GKXYA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-HEPCA320Airbus A320-214Joon
F-GTAJA321Airbus A321-212Joon
F-GTAKA321Airbus A321-212Joon
F-GTAMA321Airbus A321-212Joon
F-GTASA321Airbus A321-212Joon
F-GTATA321Airbus A321-212Joon
F-GLZKA343Airbus A340-313Joon
F-GLZNA343Airbus A340-313Joon
F-GLZOA343Airbus A340-313Joon
F-GLZPA343Airbus A340-313Joon

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