On 27 July, multiple aircraft were damaged in and around Istanbul when intense storms moved through the area containing hail and damaging winds.

Atlasjet 1010

Atlasjet flight 1010

Atlasjet flight 1010 had just departed Istanbul when it encountered the hail storm at about 5,000 feet. The aircraft returned to Istanbul about 30 minutes after takeoff with severe damage to its radome and windscreen.

Pegasus 909

Pegasus 909

Pegasus 909 was en route to Vienna when it also encountered hail shortly after takeoff. The 737-800 sustained damage to its radome and the leading edges of its wings.

Turkish 969

Turkish 969

Turkish Airlines flight 969 passed through the hail storm on approach to Istanbul and then diverted to Çanakkale with damage to its radome and windscreen.

Kalitta Air 747

A Kalitta Air 747-400 (N403KZ) was parked in Istanbul during the storm when a cargo lift punctured its fuselage near the front of the aircraft.


Additionally dozens of flights were delayed and some canceled. More information about each incident aircraft is available at the Aviation Safety Network.


Featured Image © Emre Tanrivermis

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