To add a little love to an otherwise standard training flight, Virgin Atlantic drew a heart with one of their recently delivered A330s today off the coast of the UK for Valentine’s Day. This wasn’t the first time an airline has taken to the sky to draw a heart though.

Virgin’s Valentine’s Day

Virgin used recently delivered G-VMIK, an Airbus A330 to train some of its pilots on the A330 and to put a little love in the air. Here’s how Virgin planned and executed their heart and what the crew was doing during the flight.

Virgin Atlantic’s heart shaped training flight

An Air Malta marriage

In 2015, an Air Malta flight drew two hearts above Malta to celebrate the marriage of two of the airline’s employees.

Two hearts drawn by an Air Malta flight celebrating a marriage of two employees

Hearts over Hong Kong

On 21 May 2017, Cathay Pacific hosted its Community Day, inviting 100 children and their families on board a Boeing 777-300 for a 90 minute flight from Hong Kong. During the flight, the 777 drew a heart before landing.

Cathay Pacific’s Community Day flight, 2017

A Heartfelt Koru Care flight

On 3 September 2017, Air New Zealand took 50 children with critical medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease, and their caregivers, on the flight of a lifetime over New Zealand. The nearly three hour flight took the aircraft and its passengers on a 440 km long and 483 km wide heart-shaped journey across New Zealand.

Not an airliner, but…

While it’s not an airliner, D-EFHN deserves an honorable mention for its heart and other sky art contributions.

D-EFHN draws a heart

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