• AvTalk Episode 39: A Broken Flux Capacitator

    On this episode of AvTalk, we spend as little amount of time talking about Post Malone as possible. We find out that some aircraft are equipped with a ‘flux capacitator’. And Chris Sloan, the managing editor of Airways Magazine, joins us to discuss what he’s learned from interviewing leaders at Delta, United, and JetBlue this …   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 38: The Horizon Q400 Incident

    On this episode of AvTalk we welcome Jon Ostrower back to the program to discuss the Horizon Air Q400 incident last week in Seattle. We review some of the other incidents over the past few weeks and recap fleet updates from various airlines around the world.   Read More

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  • AvTalk Episode 37: Pushing Buttons and Pulling Levers

    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss Aeromexico flight 2431 and what we know so far. We delve in to this week’s strange-but-true aviation news. And Jason tries his hand at aircraft sales.   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in July 2018

    In July, we tracked 5.9 million flights, our busiest month ever. We also set a single day record of 209,752 flights. During the month, we activated dozens of Flightradar24-supplied receivers in remote locations around the world. These new receivers—and the tens of thousands of others already a part of the Flightradar24 network—helped us get there.   Read More