• Chasing the 2017 Eclipse Across the Sky

    On Monday, 21 August, millions across the United States turned skyward for a few moments to enjoy a total solar eclipse. Thousands of people in hundreds of flights also enjoyed the eclipse from the air.   Read More

  • The Oldest Active 747 Enters Retirement

    Last week, GE Aviation announced it was officially storing its 747-100 Flying Test Bed, making the 747’s 25 January flight almost certainly its last. N747GE was the oldest 747 in active service.   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 12: Out on the Airfield

    On episode 12 of AvTalk, we discuss Air Berlin’s insolvency and what that might mean for other airlines in Europe, NASA gets ready to study the eclipse, and we list some of our favorite airports. We also talk with Dan Kierna, an airport operations supervisor at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago about what it takes …   Read More

  • Our New Receiver Near Chernobyl

    We’ve installed receivers in remote locations like Antarctica, Bear Island in the Barents Sea, and St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean, but even we were a bit surprised when we received an application from Pripyat, Ukraine. Pripyat, now a ghost town, was the city built to support the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.   Read More

  • Recent Interest—Tracking Russian Treaty on Open Skies Observation Flights

    On Wednesday, 9 August, a CNN article noted the presence of a Russian aircraft in the skies over Washington D.C. conducting low-altitude surveillance. The Tupolev Tu-154 was in the area conducting a standard scheduled overflight as part of the Treaty on Open Skies, of which both the United States and Russia are parties. The aircraft …   Read More

  • AvTalk Episode 11: 747s, Skunks, and Babies

    In Episode 11, we check in on the 747 to note a few melancholy milestones and the possibility that two 747s might soon find an interesting new home. We run through some of the flights that made the news recently, including some for the wrong reasons. And we ponder the thorny legal issues that airborne …   Read More

  • Boeing Uses a 787 to Draw a 787 Dreamliner During ETOPS Test

    At 15:38 local time N7874, the fourth 787 built, departed Boeing Field in Seattle for an 18-hour, 22 state test flight. The crew spent the overnight hours above the United States performing ETOPS testing on the new Rolls Royce Trent 1000 TEN engine, which will power the 787-10.   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in July 2017

    In July, we activated 100 new Flightradar24 ADS-B receivers and hundreds more home-built receivers. These new receivers helped us track a record 5.3 million flights, including a new single-day record of 189,168.   Read More