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The Singapore Airlines A350 Begins Service to Stockholm – Arlanda

Singapore Airlines inaugurated service to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport today, beginning the first regular Airbus A350 flights to the airport. We were on hand for the flight’s arrival and received a short tour of the aircraft before it departed. (more…)

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AvTalk Episode 6: An Update on the Mitsubishi MRJ from Japan

In Episode 6 we head to Japan for an interview with John Walton to get an update on the status of the Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet program. We also delve into the peculiarities of Japanese aviation. (more…)

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Hearts Over Hong Kong: the Cathay Pacific 2017 Community Flight

On 21 May, Cathay Pacific hosted its 2017 Community Day, inviting 100 children and their families on board a Boeing 777-300 for a 90 minute flight from Hong Kong. During the flight, the 777 drew a heart before landing. (more…)

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Flightdiary Becomes myFlightradar24

We’re proud to announce that Flightdiary is now myFlightradar24. myFlightradar24 is the perfect place to keep track of your flights and compile detailed statistics about your travels. You can even help fellow travelers by leaving reviews of flights you take and airports you visit.

Flightdiary becomes myFlightradar24

Flightdiary launched in 2010 and quickly became the best way to keep track of your flights. Soon after launch, Flightdiary was acquired by Flightradar24. Today we’re further integrating the two to take advantage of Flightradar24’s massive airline and airport database enabling you to better track your flights around the world. Keep track of all your flights with as little or as much detail as you’d like. You can also help fellow travelers and keep notes for yourself by reviewing the airlines, aircraft, and airports that make up your journey.

What’s New?

We’ve enhanced the integration between the two sites to make adding flights easier and to grow the database, adding over 650 additional airlines and 3300 airports. We’ve also given the site a facelift and added new statistics for all of your flights. Keep track of where you’ve been and how you got there and see detailed statistics of your travels. We’ll also continue to integrate myFlightradar24 into Flightradar24, with reviews and special ways to track myFR24 users on their flights.

See your flight routes and loads of detailed statistics

View your own personal leaderboard to see your most popular airports, airlines, aircraft, and more.

Your personal leaderboard to track your travels

Entering Flights in myFlightradar24

Logging your flights is simple and quick, add every detail or just quickly enter the flight number and date. For flights in the myFlightradar24 database, details like departure and arrival airports and times and airline information will be added automatically. See how easy it is to add a flight in the example slideshow below.

Adding a flight to your myFlightradar24 is quick and easy

Importing Flights

You may import your flights from Open Flights to myFlightradar24 by visiting the Import page under settings.

Information for Current Flightdiary Users

If you have a Flightradar24 account

If you already have a Flightradar24 account, you’ll use those credentials to access your data on myFlightradar24. Your Flightdiary credentials will no longer be required. All of your existing data has been migrated from Flightdiary to myFlightradar24 so there is no need to reenter your flights.

If you do not have a Flightradar24 account

You’ll continue to use your existing Flightdiary credentials to log in to myFlightradar24. All of your existing data has been migrated from Flightdiary to myFlightradar24 so there is no need to re-enter your flights.

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See How Icelandair Painted Vatnajökull and How You Can Track It

At the beginning of May, Icelandair unveiled its latest special livery, Vatnajökull, a 757 painted to honor 80 years of aviation in Iceland. Now they’ve given us a look at how such a complex livery is applied.

Painting Vatnajökull

25 artists and assistants spent 2500 work hours applying 195 liters of paint to the aircraft’s 590m² skin, using 12 unique colors. Icelandair put together a video showing the intricate process.

Tracking Vatnajökull

Vatnajökull can be tracked with registration TF-FIR.

Vatnajökull, Icelandair’s newest special livery.


Featured Image © Matt Varley

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AvTalk Episode 5: the COMAC C919 Takes Flight

In Episode 5 we sit down for an extended interview with CNN Aviation Editor Jon Ostrower to talk about the COMAC C919’s first flight and burgeoning Chinese aviation market. We also learn how to track newly built aircraft and send Jason off to Japan. (more…)

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COMAC C919 Completes First Flight in Shanghai

The COMAC C919, China’s first domestically developed large passenger jet, took flight for the first time Friday afternoon in Shanghai. The aircraft completed a 1 hour 18 minute flight that, in a first for any manufacturer, included a publicly available live video feed from the flight deck. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in April 2017

100 newly activated receivers in April helped us track 4.8 million flights, including our busiest day of the year so far when we tracked 173,815 flights on 28 April. New receivers in Nepal, Australia, China, and around the Caribbean are adding great new coverage. (more…)

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Porsche Towed an Air France A380 with a Cayenne to Set a Guinness World Record

From the ‘Sure, why not’, department, we bring you the new Guinness World Record holder for ‘Heaviest aircraft pull by a production car’—because apparently that’s a category. (more…)