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See How Storm Stella Stalled Flights this Week

On Tuesday, 14 March air traffic ground to a halt in the northeast United States as winter storm ‘Stella’ dumped snow (or threatened to) on cities from Washington DC through Maine. For 12 hours on Tuesday, between 4:30 am and 4:30 pm, only two flights landed at JFK Airport in New York. (more…)

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Introducing AvTalk—the Flightradar24 Aviation Podcast


We’re excited to introduce ‘AvTalk’, our new Flightradar24 aviation podcast, hosted by Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz, two aviation geeks with a passion for anything that flies. (more…)

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AvGeek Videos of the Week

Each week we spend hundreds of hours tracking flights, but we also make time for other avgeek pursuits, like the videos below. This week, we visit the flight deck of a 737, watch a passenger jet perform some acrobatics, see Boeing’s new 737 MAX 9 for the first time, and get our first glimpse at turtles on a whale. (more…)

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Using ADS-B Data to Develop New Metrics for Flight Efficiency

Each day, ADS-B signals from aircraft enable real-time tracking of hundreds of thousands of flights on the Flightradar24 network. Thanks to the reliability and volume of that data, it is now playing a valuable role in detailed analysis of air traffic management. Flightradar24 provided extensive flight data, enabling researchers at Centro de Referencia I+D+i ATM (CRIDA), Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE) and Centre for Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR) to conduct an ADS-B based air traffic performance assessment to measure air navigation service provider and airline flight efficiency in Europe. (more…)

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French ATC Strike to Affect Flights, 6-10 March

French Area Control Centers participating in strike action between 6-10 March

A multi-day strike by French air traffic controllers in the Brest and Bordeaux area control centers (ACC) will affect traffic in and around France beginning 6 March at 0500 UTC through 10 March 1900 UTC. The strike will additionally include controllers from the Marseille ACC from 07 March 0500 UTC to 10 March 0500 UTC. During the strike, traffic that normally transits the ACCs and some traffic to and from airports in the sectors will be affected. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in February 2017

We added 100 new receivers in February, which helped us track 4.1 million flights during the month. We’re adding receivers that help close existing coverage gaps and we closed a few significant gaps in February.

We added another new receiver in northern Greenland, this time on the west coast, expanding our northern coverage area and coverage of transatlantic flights. Also helping with transatlantic coverage are new receivers in northern Norway and the Faroe Islands.

We also closed a few coverage gaps in Australia with new receivers in Western Australia and Northern Territory. A new receiver in Perth is also helping with lower level MLAT coverage. To the northeast, a new receiver in New Caledonia and another in French Polynesia are helping with additional transpacific coverage.

In Central and South America we added a cluster of receivers in Mexico and Guatemala, boosting our coverage there. In Brazil multiple pairs of receivers are helping with MLAT coverage. And in southern Chile a new receiver in Castro is adding new coverage.

Elsewhere, a new receiver in Imphal, India has improved our lower level coverage in the area. New receivers in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are all helping with coverage in the Red Sea and the surrounding areas.

Looking Ahead

A Tara Air Twin Otter landing at Lukla, the gateway to Mt Everest.

We’re currently sending multiple receivers to Nepal to enhance our coverage there. Some of Nepal’s domestic fleet has recently been fitted with ADS-B transponders and we’re looking forward to tracking our first landing at Lukla in the near future. We still need additional hosts in the area, especially outside of Kathmandu, so if you’re interested or might know someone who is, please get in contact with us or apply to host a receiver.

The Map

Here’s the full map of all receivers activated during February (click to expand).

New Flightradar24 receivers activated during the month of February (click to enlarge)

We are always looking for new receiver hosts. Especially if you or someone you know lives in a remote location, please apply to host a receiver. All of our receiver hosts get a free Flightradar24 Business Subscription. If you’re interested, please apply today. If you’d you like more information about our application process, you can read more about it in our blog post.

Use Your Own Hardware

If you prefer to use your own hardware and have a Raspberry Pi you can now help us increase MLAT coverage as well. Please see our Raspberry Pi page for more information and to begin sharing data today.