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Adding Routes to Flightradar24 Airport Data Pages

Want to see where all the flights from an airport are flying? With the new Routes tab on our airport data pages that information is just a click away. See where flights from a single airport will fly in the week ahead and get a detailed schedule for the current day and the next seven days by clicking on a destination airport pin. (more…)

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Flightradar24 Data Regarding the Crash of PR-SOM

A Beech C90GT King Air registered PR-SOM crashed near Paraty, Brazil on the afternoon of 19 January 2017. Flightradar24 did not receive enough positional information from this flight to create a track, however, altitude information was received for a portion of the flight. (more…)

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Flightradar24 Data Regarding EgyptAir-Air France Incident, 1 January 2017

On 1 January, an EgyptAir Cargo A300 and Air France A320 passed close enough over Belgium that Belgian and French authorities are investigating what the French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) has deemed a ‘serious incident’. According to the BEA’s initial report the EgyptAir A300 (MSX541, registered SU-GAY) was climbing to FL210, while the Air France A320 (AFR640F, registered F-GKXN) was maintaining FL220. MSX541 continued to climb after receiving a TCAS/RA to level off.

Flightradar24 Data

Combined Flight Paths of MSX541 and AFR640F

MSX541 | MS541

Individual Playback of MSX541
CSV File MSX541

AFR640F | AF1640

Individual Playback of AFR640F
CSV File AFR640F

Combined Files

MSX541 & AFR640F KML Files

Aircraft Involved

EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300, SU-GAY

Air France Airbus A320, F-GKXN

Detailed information from the BEA report

MSX541 (A306) was climbing FL210¹

AFR640F (A320) was maintaining FL220

At 11h42 MSX541 was re-cleared to climb FL210 (Readback was correct)

At 11h45 MSX541 is instructed to maintain FL210 upon reaching combined with traffic information (crossing traffic above from right to left A320 ). The readback from MSX541 of maintaining FL210 was correct.

AFR640F was advised about the climbing Egypt Air aircraft.

Approaching FL210 MSX541 reports following a TCAS/RA² and is observed climbing through the cleared level.

TCAS alert was activated on both aircraft:

-MSX541 TCAS info was showing “LVL” RA, but continued climbing.

-AFR640F TCAS info showed “CLB”

Separation between the two aircraft: +/- 0.74NM / 300ft (i.s.o.5NM / 1000 ft)³

Notes on BEA terminology
¹ FL210 = 21,000 feet AMSL
² Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System / Resolution Advisory
³ +/- 0.74NM lateral separation / 300ft vertical separation


Photo of F-GKXN
Photo of SU-GAY


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Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th

This afternoon in Copenhagen, Finnair flight 666 departed for HEL during the 13th hour on Friday the 13th. It landed safely in Helsinki 1 hour, 15 minutes later at 13:31 UTC. The aircraft that operated the flight, an Airbus A320 registered OH-LXM, is 13 years old.

Flight AY666 to HEL on Friday the 13th in a 13 year old aircraft


The flight departed from next to Gate 13 in Copenhagen and unfortunately did not arrive at Gate 13 in Helsinki.


There has been an incredible amount of discussion on twitter and Facebook about this flight and whether people would fly on such a flight. If you’re in the yes column, time is running short. Airlineroute reports Finnair will be reconfiguring their flight numbers and retiring AY666 later this year.


We’re disappointed by that and hope Finnair will reconsider, or perhaps a special Friday the 13th flight is in order? According to Airlineroute, the airline won’t be using the flight number on any flights, so there’s still a chance we can #SaveAY666.

But just in case Finnair doesn’t reconsider, we’ll be on the final Friday the 13th flight of AY666 in October. In seat 13F.



Featured Image by OSDU

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Celebrating the 2016 Flightradar24 Milestones

2016 was a very busy year at Flightradar24 as we launched the new version of the website and continued on our quest for global ADS-B coverage. We added thousands of terrestrial receivers, an autonomous surface ocean robot, and satellite ADS-B reception to our network in 2016. Look back with us on the year past. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in December 2016

To close out the year, we activated about 100 new receivers helping us track 4,303,978 flights during the month of December. New receivers activated this month are filling important coverage gaps and adding MLAT coverage in areas where many flights are not yet equipped with ADS-B. (more…)