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Following the 787 Fleet for a Day

Monday was the fifth anniversary of the first 787 delivery to launch customer All Nippon Airways. Since then, Boeing has delivered over 450 787s and has orders for 700 more. We decided to take a look at Monday’s 787 flights to see how airlines are using the 787. All data is taken from Monday, 26 September UTC. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 Subscription Options and the Return of PayPal

PayPal Subscriptions Return

We’ve been working hard bring PayPal payments back to Flightradar24, and we’re pleased to announce that starting today, Flightradar24 subscriptions may once again be purchased with PayPal. Visit our Premium page to see which subscription plan is right for you and to begin your 7 Day Free Trial.

New Monthly Subscription Option

We’ve also added a new monthly subscription option for our Silver plan, which was formerly only available as a yearly subscription.

Flightradar24 Premium subscription plans are full of great features like additional flight information, extended historical data, weather, aeronautical charts, and more!

See our subscription plan overviews below and begin your 7 Day Free Trial today!


FR24 Features

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FloatRadar24—Our ADS-B Receiving Wave Glider

Thank you to to the thousands of people who voted in our Wave Glider naming contest. With over 52 percent of the vote, our Wave Glider shall now be known as FloatRadar24.

Many thanks also to those who voted for the runner up, Planey McTracker Face, which secured 28% of the vote. (more…)

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Help Name the Flightradar24 Wave Glider

Giving our Wave Glider a Name

We have been calling our autonomous surface ocean robot Wave Glider, but we want to give it a proper name while it continues its ADS-B reception tests in the North Atlantic Ocean. That’s where we need your help. We have four finalists and we’d like you to help us name our Wave Glider by choosing your favorite.

The naming contest will run through 23:59 UTC on Thursday, 22 September. The name of our Wave Glider will be announced on Friday!

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This Week in the Air—September 4-10

Beginning Our Wave Glider ADS-B Sea Trials

This week we began tracking flights with an ADS-B receiver on a Wave Glider®  manufactured by Liquid Robotics® and managed by Maritime Robotics. The Wave Glider is currently 650 kilometers southeast of Jan Mayen and 400 kilometers from our target test area. One week into our sea trial, we are gathering important data about the behavior of the ADS-B receivers and their reception on the Wave Glider as well data about the Wave Glider platform itself. (more…)

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Back in the Air—Tracking the Antonov An-22’s First Commercial Flight in Over 7 Years

This weekend the world’s largest turboprop aircraft, the Antonov An-22, returns to commercial service after sitting on the ground for 7 years. The An-22 has been chartered by DB Schenker’s subsidiary Karpeles Flight Services to carry a single 28-tonne piece of cargo from Zurich to Abu Dhabi. We have included a photo tour of the An-22 and the schedule for this weekend’s flights below. As with all cargo operations, the posted schedule is subject to change. (more…)

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Setting Sail for Global Coverage—Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers On-board a Surface Ocean Robot

We are excited to announce for the first time that we have received and processed ADS-B signals collected by our autonomous boat. The unmanned surface vehicle, a Wave Glider®  manufactured by Liquid Robotics® and managed by Maritime Robotics as part of their new partnership, is receiving ADS-B signals from aircraft over the North Atlantic Ocean and transmitting them to the Flightradar24 network via satellite relay. This is the first use of an autonomous surface ocean robot for ADS-B reception by any commercial flight tracking service. (more…)

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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in August 2016

We activated almost 200 new ADS-B receivers in August, which helped us set two new tracking records. On 26 August, we set a new single-day record of 180,458 flights tracked. And for the month of August, we set a new monthly record of 5,193,332 flights tracked—our second month in a row tracking more than 5 million flights! (more…)