• Flightradar24 Mini Tutorials on YouTube

    With the updated features and functionality of our apps, we wanted to give you a place where you can quickly learn how to take advantage of all that our apps have to offer. We’ve begun hosting short mini tutorials on our YouTube channel to showcase different features in our apps. You can visit our channel …   Read More

  • Tracking Flights with Our First Receiver in Antarctica

    At the end of December we activated our first receiver in Antarctica at the Troll Research Station operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute and on 13 January we tracked our first flight in Antarctica, a resupply flight operated by a Privatair 737, registered HB-JJA.   Read More

  • Concorde Enters Service 40 Years Ago Today

    On 21 January 1976, British Airways and Air France simultaneously inaugurated Concorde commercial service with flights departing from London and Paris. For the next three decades, until their retirement in 2003, Concorde carried passengers around the world at supersonic speeds. On this 40th anniversary, we take a look back at Concorde in photos and videos.   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers for the First Two Weeks of January 2016

    It’s a new year and we have a new map of freshly activated ADS-B receivers. We’ve started the year off strong with receivers in new countries and a greatly expanded coverage area. We’ve also strengthened MLAT coverage in a few areas allowing us to track even more flights.   Read More

  • A Week of Firsts and Lasts in Aviation

    This week has been a week of endings and new beginnings in aviation, with a major milestone for good measure.   Read More

  • Painting for a Cause—Tracking Special Charity Liveries

    In our continuing series on tracking special liveries, we take a look the liveries airlines have added to their fleet to support special causes. From cancer awareness to child poverty to animal conservation, airlines support a variety of causes through donations and paint.   Read More

  • How Qantas Ferried an Engine on the Wing of a 747

    When Qantas 747 VH-OJU had engine trouble in Johannesburg, VH-OJS came to the rescue ferrying a spare Rolls Royce engine from Sydney to Johannesburg for the stricken plane. We wanted to find out more, so we talked with Qantas about how they go about carrying an extra engine across the ocean.   Read More

  • All of Our New Flightradar24 Receivers in 2015

    The numbers are in! During 2015 we activated 2,031 new Flightradar24 ADS-B receivers. With those new receivers our 2015 end-of-year total number of receivers is just a few receivers shy of 9,000.   Read More