• Flights in the News and the Most Tracked Flights of 2015

    As 2015 comes to a close, we look back on some of the flights that made news this year, including tragic crashes and heart-warming stories. We also dig into the data on the most tracked flights on Flightradar24 during the past 12 months, some of which may surprise you.   Read More

  • Tracking Special Destination Liveries

    Continuing our series on special aircraft tracking, we turn our attention to special locations. Airlines like to promote where they come from and where they’re going with special liveries. Cathay Pacific is noted for its special liveries promoting Hong Kong and Southwest Airlines has special liveries dedicated to some of the states to which they …   Read More

  • Tracking Special Entertainment Liveries

    In previous posts in our series on tracking special liveries, we looked at tracking airline alliance liveries, retro jets, sports liveries, and milestone liveries. In this post we’ll look at special entertainment-related liveries. Airlines collaborate with movies, television shows, and other entertainers to bring special attention to each other. These liveries often become coveted by …   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers Activated in the First Two Weeks of December

    We activated nearly 100 new receivers during the first two weeks of December, extending our coverage area and increasing our MLAT coverage in a variety of locations.   Read More

  • How Airlines are Getting into the Christmas Spirit

    Each year, airlines spend much of December getting into the Christmas spirit. Some decorate the outside of their aircraft with special liveries for the season and some decorate the inside and provide special flights for children. This year, we’ve put together a collection of airlines who are decorating for Christmas inside and out. For special …   Read More

  • Ready for Winter—a Look at Aircraft Deicing

    As winter arrives, airports dust off their deicing equipment and ready for another season of cold, snow, and ice. While a car may be safely operated partially covered in ice or snow, aircraft must be completely free of contamination to assure a safe flight. Deicing can sometimes lead to flight delays, but the alternative is …   Read More

  • Tracking Special Milestone Liveries

    Birthdays, anniversaries, and important milestones are all worth celebrating. And what better way for an airline to celebrate such occasions that painting an aircraft in a special livery? In this post we’ve compiled a list of special liveries celebrating milestones, such as national anniversaries or an important aircraft delivery.   Read More

  • Using the New Flightradar24 Mobile Filters

    In our latest mobile update, we rebuilt our filter functionality and made them easier to use. Filters are a great tool for when you’re looking for something specific, but want to see more than just a single flight. In this post we’ll walk through each type of filter and provide some basic examples of how …   Read More

  • Heavy Rains Cause Closure of Chennai Airport, Possible Aircraft Write-offs

    Torrential rains in Chennai over the past few days have left the airport flooded and closed through at least 6 December. Over two dozen aircraft are currently stranded at the airport, ranging from small private jets to a Boeing 747-400 freighter. Judging from photos posted on social media, at least 2 of the aircraft on …   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers for the Month of November

    We activated almost 200 new Flightradar24 receivers in November. We added multiple receivers on 6 continents, including remote areas such as Greenland and the South Pacific. Our biggest increase in coverage came in the United States where we activated over 50 new receivers. We concentrated on areas with previously limited coverage, increasing our coverage in …   Read More