• Tracking Special Sports Liveries

    This week we turn our attention to tracking special sports liveries. Airlines often add special liveries to celebrate teams or events they sponsor. These liveries can be some of the most intricate liveries around the world and many certainly stand out. Some airlines have a few different liveries for teams in different sports and others …   Read More

  • The Flightradar24 Glossary

    We’ve put together a glossary of terms you may encounter either on our site or in aviation in general that we hope enriches your flight tracking experience. We’ll be continuing to add terms to this post, so check back often. If there are missing terms you think we should add or terms you have questions …   Read More

  • Tracking Retro Jets and Airline History

    Tracking special aircraft, especially those with unique liveries, is a great way to use Flightradar24. In a previous post, we showed how to track special airline alliance liveries. In this post, we take a look at retro liveries showcasing airline history.   Read More

  • Eight Impressive Runways Around the World

    Aerial photos of airports are often similar—a few runways with a terminal surrounded by a large tract of flat land. But not every airport fits the mold. Some runways are carved into mountain sides, some are paved right in the middle of a city, and others sit on an island in the middle of the …   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers for the Last Two Weeks of October

    From Vardoe, Norway, to Rio Gallegos, Argentina, in the final two weeks of October, we activated nearly 100 new receivers. We expanded our coverage in various places, including United States, Argentina, and Iran. We also enhanced our MLAT coverage in China, Iran, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. We also expanded our oceanic coverage with new …   Read More

  • Metrojet 9268 Extended Mode-S Data Decoded

    In addition to our initial data, we have decoded Extended Mode-S data from a single receiver with the best reception in the area of Metrojet flight 9268. This is additional data sent from the aircraft when requested by air traffic control. This data is raw data from the aircraft that has been decoded, but not processed, …   Read More