• Crash of Metrojet Flight 7K9268

    At approximately 04:13 UTC, 31 October 2015, Metrojet flight 9268 crashed into the Sinai Peninsula. The flight’s planned route was from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia. We acquired a signal from the aircraft shortly after takeoff and tracked it until 04:13:22 UTC. At the time of last contact we were receiving a signal from …   Read More

  • From Plane to Screen—How Raw Data Becomes Flightradar24

    In the past, we have detailed how we track flights with ADS-B and MLAT, but that is just the beginning of a long journey to displaying a flight on our site and in our apps. In this post we’ll bring together a few of our past posts and walk through how planes flying overhead turn …   Read More

  • Tracking Transaero into Storage

    On 26 October, barring any last minute change of status, Transaero will cease operations. Over the past two days, the airline has sent about two dozen aircraft into storage in Teruel, Spain. Teruel is the location of Tarmac Aerosave, an aircraft maintenance, storage, and recycling facility. It is the same facility where a number of …   Read More

  • Squawking 7700—An Air Traffic Controller’s Perspective on In-flight Emergencies

    Previously we interviewed Captain Ken Hoke to learn how pilots train for and manage in-flight emergencies. Today, on the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, we turn to a controller for his perspective on emergency situations.   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers for the First Two Weeks of October

    We activated nearly 100 new receivers in the first two weeks of October, improving our coverage all over the world. In South America, we grew our coverage area in Chile and Argentina with the three new receivers south of Buenos Aires and four new receivers in Brazil. In North America we grew our coverage area …   Read More

  • Tracking the Final US Airways Flights

    On 8 April 2015, American Airlines and US Airways took a major step in their merger integration when US Airways flight 774 was the last flight to use the “Cactus” radio callsign. Tomorrow, the two airlines mark the final major milestone in their integration with the last US Airways flight.   Read More

  • Squawking 7700—In-flight Emergencies from a Pilot’s Perspective

    We track hundreds of thousands of flights every day and invariably a few will declare an emergency and possibly “squawk 7700” during the day. This common occurrence often leads to numerous questions about what the flight is doing and why. We field many inquiries each time a flight declares an emergency, so we spoke with …   Read More

  • New Flightradar24 Receivers for the Last Two Weeks of September

    The last two weeks of September saw a flurry of receiver activations around the world. We expanded our coverage area on six continents and increase MLAT coverage in key locations while adding nearly 100 receivers.   Read More