Increase Flightradar24's coverage

Flightradar24's coverage is primarily made up of data contributed by volunteers from around the world. 4,000+ aviation enthusiasts with ADS-B receivers regularly feed data to our network. You can help us increase the coverage in your area, regardless if you already own ADS-B equipment or you are interested in getting ADS-B equipment.


get most of the aircraft position data from our network of about 7,000 ADS-B receivers around the world. ADS-B data is transmitted from the aircraft transponder through radio signals that can be picked up by an ADS-B radio receiver. There are several ADS-B receivers on the market and it's also possible to build your own ADS-B receiver for about USD 100. By installing a receiver you can help us increase coverage by up to about 250-400 km (150-250 miles) in all directions depending on your location.

If you want to buy or build your own ADS-B receiver, you can buy the hardware from stores on the Internet.

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If you want to host a professional receiver with ADS-B and MLAT capability, you can apply for our Flightradar24 ADS-B / MLAT receiver.

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Everyone feeding/sharing data with Flightradar24 receives a FR24 Premium account that includes Flightradar24 web page without ads, without timeout, premium features and Flightradar24 Android/iOS/Windows Phone apps.