ADS-B equipment guide

If you are interested in buying ADS-B equipment, we recommend the Radarcape. This is the same hardware that we use around the world. It contains a BeagleBone board (ARM CPU) and the powerful Linux system can host applications to pre-process ADS-B data. A build-in GPS receiver is used as timebase and provides high resolution timestamps for received frames which can, for example, being used for precision MLAT.

A much cheaper option is to get a USB DVB-T stick that can be used to receive ADS-B radio signals. We recommend to use the USB DVB-T stick together with a Raspberry Pi for best performance and efficiency.

Don't forget to feed data to Flightradar24 after you have purchased and installed your Radarcape or USB DVB-T stick. By feeding data to us, you get access to Flightradar24 Premium.

Flightradar24 also provides free ADS-B equipment to suitable hosts in locations that would greatly improve our global ADS-B coverage. Read more about our free ADS-B equipment offer.



High-end, passive ADS-B receiver with build-in Linux computer and network connectivity.

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DVB-T Stick

Lets you receive ADS-B signals for less than €25, including antenna!

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